Preparing to go live, stacks of notes, powerpoint slides with key points and factoids, and lots of scratch paper!


Last week, Claudio and I had the privilege of being invited to the Larry Meiller show, a program on Wisconsin Public Radio.  There, we discussed pollinators, why they’re all over the news lately, and also my research involving radio-tagging bumblebees.  It was a unique experience, very different than most of the public speaking and outreach events that I have done over the past two years.  Not being able to see your audience is an interesting feeling.

The preparation that Claudio and I had with our lab two days before was crucial to the show going smoothly.  A lot of tough questions and critiquing of word choice, phrasing, and tone helped us to establish our goals and messages we wanted to convey.  Preparation for these types of media interactions is essential if you want to get your message across and to help avoid any uncomfortable moments of silence and unsureness when you are blindsided by a question you weren’t expecting.  A huge thanks to the Gratton lab for helping get us in “game mode.”

Please feel free to listen to the archive of the interview, linked below!

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